Top 10 Alien Parasites from Rick and Morty (S02 E04 - Total Rickall)

Ive been re watching (in most cases re re watching) episodes of one of my all time favorite T.V shows, Rick and Morty. In celebration of the announcement of 70 more episodes I will have fun lists and random reviews relating to the show from time to time. 

This one is just a quick top 10 ranking of the "best" of the alien parasites that try to cloud the Smith family's psyche with good memories in order to multiple and thrive.

P.s The Total Rickall card game is fun and easy to pick up. I would highly recommend it for all Rick and Morty fans, unless of course you hate this particular episode for whatever reason.

The Criteria:

Only Parasites so *****Spoiler Alert****** No Mr Poopy Butthole - I'm looking at you Beth Smith! Tisk tisk.

10. Mrs. Refrigerator

mrs Fridge.jpg

A fridge/sassy maid or nanny? This alien parasite took on the persona of Beth's life long friend, who also happened to be a Refrigerator. Who wouldn't want that growing up; someone who you can turn to for advice while also having cool refreshments on hand 24/ 7?

The only bad memory Mrs Refrigerator could come up with though was screaming on a roller-coaster- The parasites can only infiltrate your mind with false good memories and Roller coasters are of course a great time, especially with a talking cordless fridge friend. Alas the Jig was up and Mrs Refrigerator was taken out. 

9. Hamurai


Not much to say here other than its a great pun. Hes an ancient Samurai but has assorted meats in place of traditional Samurai armor. Probably a handy guy to have around at a barbecue if food runs low,unless its disrespectful to ask for some of that samurai armor meat in his culture. None the less anyone who can look bad ass and also make you chuckle at how ridiculous they look while enjoying the scent of delicious meats is alright in my books.



8. Cousin Nicky

A Brooklyn "greaser type" with a catchphrase. Cousin Nicky is one of the first alien parasites to appear in the episode. After Saving the Smith's from  a broken down elevator uttering the phrase "I'm walkin here!" It's a stupid nonsensical catchphrase but that's what gives him his charm. He's like a Vinny Barberino, a harmless silly stereotype.

After another Flashback - this time being held captive by Nazis on a Nazi submarine, Rick shoots Cousin Nicky in the Shoulder, revealing he was of course a parasite all along. As quickly as he came into our lives he was gone but not forgotten.


7. Ghost in a Jar

ghost in a jar.jpg

It's a super cute lovable happy ghost in a jar, what more do you want. With a voice similar to Mr Poopy Butthole/ Noob Noob (that's a good thing)and just like Noob Noob he gets Ricks Jokes. Who wouldn't want this Lil florescent spirit around?

According to reverse giraffe's made up back story, ghost in a jar's life was saved while being deployed in Vietnam. Hard to picture a ghost in a jar being of much help in combat to be fair. Whats harder to see was this cute fake bestie being dumped on the ground and killed by Rick. Why couldn't you be real?

6. Pencilvester


Such great false memories that Rick begged this living, walking and talking pencil that they had any bad memories at all. Alas Pencilvester didn't and this alien parasite had to be put down. Not too many times in the series do we see Rick showing compassion and ultimately remorse. It shows how great of a guy he could of been had he been real. Plus this little pencil person could always come in handy when you need to jot something down or use an eraser.

On a side note I wonder if Pencilvester was always that size or does he get smaller and smaller with age until his demise when hes just lead and eraser, but I digress.


5. Mr Beauregard


The Smith family's butler and confidant. He's a lot like Alfred to Batman in his relationship to the Smiths, a butler but also a member of the family. He saved his second family (and Cousin Nicky) from being held captive from a Nazi on a submarine. As well as dressing up as a women to take dateless Morty to a school dance, how sweet and kind of creepy if you over think things.



4. Photography Raptor

He or she is a Raptor who also happens to be a photographer. I could leave it at that for putting Photography Raptor in the top five- it doesn't even need a clever name! I assume the dinosaur (in these made up good memories) has always been commissioned by the Smiths to take photos, holding a unique bond with them by documenting weddings, births and so many great memories. I also love that it does not talk, it's literally just a dinosaur that moonlights as a photographer.

3. Reverse Giraffe


Now we are getting to the heavy hitters of alien parasites taking on personas and invading my favorite cartoon family's minds with good memories. I never knew that I needed the image of a reverse Giraffe in my life until I saw this episode but when I heard Keith Davids voice say " You know me, I'm Reverse Giraffe. I have a short neck and legs" all I could do was smile. Reverse Giraffe could be considered somewhat a leader of these parasites or at least one of the most persuasive. He even gets Rick to question whether or not he himself is real.

2. Tinkles

Summer's imaginary friend who turns out not to be imaginary (but never existed because its an alien parasite, stay with me) who lives in never past bedtime land. This adorable lamb takes Summer to her world at night; full of happiness and fun safe raves all night long. We would all be so lucky to have a friend growing up that could transport us to never past bedtime land so we could rage, soaking up all the cuteness and vibrant colours, instead of tossing and turning trying to get to sleep.


1. Sleepy Gary

The most convincing of all the parasites. Sleepy Garry is a man who in these memories is Beth's husband who also had a decadent love affair with Jerry on a yacht off the coast of France. He is naturally always tired wearing classy blue pajamas and a old fashioned bedtime hat. He may be less ridiculous than a raptor taking family photos or a ghost in a jar but is equally hilarious. When it was all said and done after the alien parasites had been eradicated form the smith home Sleepy Gary's false memories still carried weight. He had been such a comfort to Jerry and Beth during the whole ordeal and had shook them to their core, neither were quite ready to accept their real life marriage because they both cared so much about Sleepy Garry.

I am also very excited to check out the Sleepy Gary comic book in the Rick and Morty comic book universe that comes out some time in September.





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