Random Review: Multiple Man 1-5

With the final installment of Multiple Man out a few week’s ago, I finally got around to picking it up at my local comic shop (shout out to cosmic comics in Ottawa On) and after reading it I thought I should review it.

As always reviews are based on an arbitrary scale of 0 to 10, zero being complete trash and 10 an instant classic. Hope you enjoy it……

*****Potential Spoiler Alert*****

Written by Matt Rosenberg (Civil War II: King Pin, The New Mutants: Dead souls) with the artwork done by Andy MacDonald (Red Warrior, The End League Vol. 2) and colouring by Tamra Bonvillain (Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur, Doom Patrol). Multiple man centers around Jamie Madrox, a mutant who has the power of creating infinite duplicates of himself through physical contact, as well as being able to reabsorb those “dupes” gaining all of their memories and experiences. His power’s make for great multi tasking, helping him run X-Factor Investigation’s. This story however is not a detective series. Jamie has been found badly injured by the New Mutants and has been brought to Beast to see why he’s dying. Turn’s out he’s a dupe and that the “prime” Madrox is dead. Ever the shit disturber Madrox steals Bishop’s time traveling apparatus and soon Charles Xavier’s estate is over run by various dupe’s. There’s a Hulk dupe, a Deadpool dupe, even a Dr Strange Dupe.

As the issues go on you come to find out just how bad Madrox has messed up the future; turning it into a dystopian landscape as it’s supreme leader with an army of dupe’s, making it all the much more clearer why his future self traveled back to tell beast not make a cure to save him before going back to the future, confusing? Like a lot of time travel scenario’s it can get a bit tricky following the story line, but this short comic book run does a decent job explaining things.

It’s an interesting story, of a man having to fix his own mistakes, and stop himself (or duplicates of himself) to right his wrongs. There are plenty of cool reveals - I especially like the origin of the Dr Strange dupe Madrox. With good banter, and continuity with Rosenberg’s New Mutant’s blending in with the X-men/Multiple Man story, making for a fun interesting read. The Art is fantastic, with so many different characters, jumping from timelines and various locations.

The only quip I have, is that it’s a bit hectic. There’s maybe too much going on, especially with my scatter brain and I had to go back a bit because I was a bit lost at times. Maybe an 8 issue run would be better suited for the semi complicated story?

Even still Multiple Man was a really good and I would recommend giving it a read, regardless if you are or aren’t familiar with the somewhat obscure character, although I hear James Franco is involved with a possible Multiple Man movie.

Rating: 7.5